About the Course:

DevOps (“development” and “operations”) is a software engineering practice that aims at unifying software development (Dev) and software operation (Ops). The main characteristic of the DevOps movement is to strongly advocate automation and monitoring at all steps of software construction, from integration, testing, releasing to deployment and infrastructure management. DevOps aims at shorter development cycles, increased deployment frequency, more dependable releases, in close alignment with business objectives. Continuous delivery and DevOps have common goals and are often used in conjunction, but there are subtle differences.

This course will teach you DevOps concepts of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, with emphasis on Jenkins, Git and Maven build automation.The course has been designed so that you would first get a conceptual understanding of what is DevOps and terms like Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery and their differences before getting hands on with the software.

After that you would be guided through installation,setup and building your own simple hello-world jobs to fully functional and complex Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipelines.At the same time you would also learn basics of Git and Maven build automation scripting, thereby making you ready to implement a complete CI/CD solution from scratch at your organization And also you will learn chef automation and docker tool as well. Introduction and basics of terraform will also be addressed.

The theory has been kept to a minimum and crisp, just enough to get you the context before you start hands on.

Introduction Video :

Course Objective :

  • Containerize a web-based application with a microservice approach and automate it using Dockerfile
  • Best practices of working with Docker technology in the field
  • Understand the concepts of continuous integration and continuous deployment, and the difference between them.
  • Learn how to configure and extend Jenkins functionality with Jenkins plugins such as copy build artifacts plugins and deploy to container plugins, etc
  • Describe how Configuration Management with Chef is performed.
  • Learn the key concepts of the Git source control system
  • Step through the entire Git workflow
  • Compare the different states in Git and compare between branches and commits

Who should take this course?

  • Anyone who want to fully understand how Devops technology works.
  • DevOps, Developers, or QAs who want to advance their career by improving their DevOps skills.
  • Developers who want to learn how to develop and deploy containerized modern web applications with a micro-service approach.


There is no need of specific pre-requisite require to learn this course. One who does not have any programming experience also can take this up.  Knowledge of Linux will be preferred but NOT Mandatory. Prior experience with Devops Technologies is NOT required.

Minimum System Requirements:

A computer running Windows, OSX or Linux.

Course Curriculum

Devops Basics
Why and What is Devops ? 00:00:00
Continuous Integration 00:00:00
Continuous Delivery 00:00:00
Devops Tool : GIT
Version controllers basics 00:00:00
Why Version controllers 00:00:00
Installation & Configuration 00:00:00
Cloning repositories 00:00:00
Dealing with branches 00:00:00
Git commands 00:00:00
Devops tool : Maven
Introduction to build tools 00:00:00
Importance of build tools 00:00:00
Installation 00:00:00
Working with build commands 00:00:00
Build lifecycles 00:00:00
Understanding artifacts 00:00:00
Devops tool : Jenkins
Jenkins installation 00:00:00
Jenkins setup 00:00:00
Creating users 00:00:00
Managing permissions 00:00:00
Creating Jobs 00:00:00
Git integration 00:00:00
Configuring Master Slave 00:00:00
Emails server configuration 00:00:00
Email notifications 00:00:00
Automatic builds 00:00:00
Virtual box and Vagrant
How to Use Virtual box and Vagrant to Create Virtual Machines. 00:00:00
Devops tool :Chef
ChefDK 00:00:00
Chef basics 00:00:00
Cookbooks 00:00:00
Resources 00:00:00
Recipe 00:00:00
Templates 00:00:00
Data bags 00:00:00
Environments 00:00:00
Roles 00:00:00
Managing nodes 00:00:00
Chef repositories 00:00:00
Devops tool : Docker
Docker basics 00:00:00
Docker advantages 00:00:00
Containerization Basics 00:00:00
Containerization vs Virtualization 00:00:00
Docker commands 00:00:00
Devops tool : Terraform
Terraform Basics 00:00:00
Use cases of Terraform 00:00:00
Installation in Different OS 00:00:00
Terraform Commands 00:00:00
Application 00:00:00

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