Selenium WebDriver 3.0 is an web automation testing tool which helps in the automation of web based applications. This course will be useful in understanding the new features of Selenium 3.0 and its advantages over the previous versions. This course emphasizes on the framework design and architecture using Selenium.

Course Objective:

  • Selenium is an open source automation tool which is platform independent.
  • This tool can be installed and run on any operating system and browsers.
  • Since most of the clients in the industry is going for web applications, the automation of these websites has given a huge scope for Selenium for the above reasons.
  • Clients likes to go for a free open source applications which has more advance features than expensive licensed ones.
  • Also, since Selenium supports almost all programming languages like Java, Pearl, Ruby, C#, Javascript etc. it has become common across the industry.
  • Selenium delivers an efficient way to generate test scripts, validate functionality and reuse these scripts in automated test frameworks.
  • It can also be easily integrated with external tools.

Who should take this course?
This is a 25 hours’ course which is meant for the Software testing professionals who wants to upgrade themselves for Selenium WebDriver.

Coding experience with Basic JAVA, Core JAVA concepts is required.

Minimum System Requirements:
Student should have a system with minimum 2GB RAM with any operating system of 32-bit or 64-bit.

Course Curriculum

Selenium Introduction
Selenium Overview and Types FREE 00:15:00
Selenium IDE 00:20:00
Selenium RC 00:20:00
Selenium WebDriver 00:20:00
Selenium Grid 00:20:00
Introduction to Xapths
Xpaths Overview 00:10:00
How to Write Xpaths manually 00:20:00
Advanced and Dynamic Xpaths 00:15:00
Complex Xpaths 00:15:00
Introduction to TestNG, Maven
TestNG overview and installation 00:10:00
Annotations & Creating Testng xml 00:05:00
Maven overview and installation 00:10:00
Creating Maven project 00:05:00
Maven dependencies & Creating pom xml 00:05:00
Selenium WebDriver 3.0 and its Installation
Configurations & Jars 00:15:00
Features of Selenium 3.0 00:15:00
Selenium Webdriver Commands
Introduction to various webdriver commands 00:30:00
Sample automation script 00:30:00
Introduction to Git Repo
Creation of GitHub account 00:15:00
GitHub overview 00:15:00
Creating a repo in GitHub 00:15:00
Commands to push and pull the codes from GitHub 00:15:00
Introduction to automation scripts
Automation scripts for a demo application 01:30:00
Automation scripts for different scenarios using TestNG 01:30:00
Introduction to Frameworks
Frameworks overview 00:10:00
Different types of Frameworks 00:10:00
Data Driven Framework 00:10:00
Keyword driven framework 00:10:00
Page Object Model (POM) Framework 00:30:00
Designing of Automation Framework
Implementing POM framework for demo project 02:00:00
Creation of Framework folder structure 01:00:00
Different framework components 01:30:00
Automation reports in Framework 00:30:00
Continuous Integration with Jenkins
Integration of Maven with Jenkins 00:15:00
Creating JENKINS job 00:45:00
Configuring Jenkins job to the automation project 00:15:00

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  1. Nice Job


    step by step to learn selenium!
    One of the most Amazing Learning Videos visited so far. Very nice explanation starting with the basics. Good content. Excellent knowledge of trainer and is well updated with the latest in Selenium.

  2. Nice experience


    Clear explanation, with lots of example and hands on coding!!! Learnt Selenium in detail.

  3. Excellent course


    I have enrolled this course, it is very informative. The teacher helped me a lot

  4. Learnt a lot!


    The training was very informative and very hands on. Though the training was online, the instructor provided hands on training for the topics covered in the session. The doubts and queries were cleared at the earliest. I recommend this training for all those seeking to learn selenium from scratch (provided you have good knowledge on the language that you are learning to write the selenium code)

  5. Good Course


    The course material is really good, and the teacher is responsible, helped me a lot, you can learn almost everything you want to know about selenium in this course!

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