Course Details:

No. of Days: 30

Hours per day: 1.5 hours

Schedule: Weekly 4 days (Wed – Fri – Sat-Sun)

(i) Wed & Fri: 7.30 PM to 9 PM
(ii)  Sat & Sun: 3 PM  to 4.30 PM

Course Starting date: 20th November 2020

Mode: Online

Instructor Profile: Pramod works as a software development engineer in an MNC. He is having close to 10 years experience in building java web applications. His expertise is in microservices using springboot and nosql databases like couchbase, mongodb etc.


What is Spring?

Spring is a powerful and most popular framework for enterprise java.Spring framework provides a suite of libraries which can be used to build high performance,testable,re-usable applications.

What can we do with Spring?

– Build enterprise grade server side apps,web apps,batch programs and a wide range of applications including microservices

– Its very lightweight,reduces unnecessary boiler plate code and enables rapid prototyping and faster time to market.

– Build modern,scalable,reliable enterprise grade applications


 – Strong understanding of Core Java8 or higher.

 – Basic SQL concepts,JDBC.

 – Basic understanding of web applications[HTML,Servlet,JSP]

 – Familiar in using an IDE like Eclipse/Intellij.

Course Batches

Course Curriculum

Spring Fundamentals: Introduction
What is spring? 00:00:00
Key areas of spring 00:00:00
Key features 00:00:00
The business problem and solution offered from spring 00:00:00
Spring Fundamentals: Sample spring project setup
Setting up intellij and cloning a repo from GIT 00:00:00
App introduction 00:00:00
Architecture 00:00:00
Setting up model and repository 00:00:00
Adding a service and running the application 00:00:00
Spring Fundamentals: Configuration and auto wiring
Setting up a spring project from start.spring.io using springboot starter 00:00:00
Project introduction,package and files overview 00:00:00
Application config 00:00:00
Setter injection, constructor injection 00:00:00
Spring beans 00:00:00
Autowiring 00:00:00
Spring Fundamentals: Advanced bean concepts
Advanced bean configurations 00:00:00
Bean lifecycle 00:00:00
Factory bean 00:00:00
Proxies and Profile 00:00:00
Spring Fundamentals: Unit testing with Junit5
Adding junit dependency 00:00:00
Test folders,resources overview 00:00:00
Writing simple Junits 00:00:00
Annotation support for Junit 5 00:00:00
Spring Fundamentals: Spring build tools
Build tools – Maven and Gradle introduction 00:00:00
Packing as a jar 00:00:00
Installing a spring application 00:00:00
Distribution management 00:00:00
Spring REST: Introduction
Getting Started 00:00:00
REST and HTTP protocols 00:00:00
HTTP methods 00:00:00
Spring REST architecture 00:00:00
Spring REST: Sample spring project setup
Generate a demo project from start.spring.io 00:00:00
Import the project to intellij 00:00:00
Setting up and testing using Postman 00:00:00
Spring REST: Implementing a webservice
CRUD operations 00:00:00
Search functions 00:00:00
JSON mapping, Json to Java and vice versa 00:00:00
Spring REST: Error handling
Introduction to Error handling 00:00:00
Error handler and exceptions 00:00:00
Generic and custom exceptions 00:00:00
Spring REST: Testing a REST application
Mocking up request and responses 00:00:00
Unit testing and integration testing 00:00:00
Spring JPA: Introduction
What is spring data and what can it do? 00:00:00
Getting started with Spring JPA 00:00:00
Installing Postgres 00:00:00
Setting up the project 00:00:00
Project overview 00:00:00
Spring JPA: Spring JPA repository
Introduction to JPA repository 00:00:00
Spring repositories 00:00:00
Architectural overview of repository 00:00:00
JPA features 00:00:00
Spring JPA: Spring Query DSL
Introduction to Query DSL 00:00:00
Advantages of using query DSL 00:00:00
Sample app demo: query DSL 00:00:00
Basic syntax 00:00:00

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  1. Good start to Springboot


    For people who is planning to start development career with JAVA. This springboot training is apt for it. The trainer is very good. All doubts are cleared and explained with real time examples. I got confidence to start my development career with all JAVA knowledge after attending this springboot training.

    Thanks to EtechFactory !!!!

  2. Good Training on Java Springboot


    Spring boot training is very good and trainer knowledge is excellent

  3. Excellent training


    Training is very well organised. Concepts are explained nicely with examples. I recommend this trainer

  4. Online training at its best


    The best online training i ever attended. Very good virtual classroom, Doubts are cleared nicely, very good examples.

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