Course Details:

No. of Days: 30

Hours per day: 1.5 hours

Schedule: Weekly 4 days (Wed – Fri – Sat-Sun)

(i) Wed & Fri: 7 PM to 8.30 PM
(ii)  Sat & Sun: 11 AM to 12.30 PM

Course Starting date: 20th November 2020

Mode: Online

Instructor Profile: Sandeep N working as a Software Development Engineer is an
experienced software developer working with MNC organization. He is having
9+ years of experience in the telecom domain. His expertise is on Design and
development of software using Python and C++.


What is Python?

Python is an easy, powerful, and high-level programming language. It is simple and easy to learn. It lets you develop applications faster and integrate systems more effectively.

What can we do with Python?

– Web and Internet Development (Frameworks such as Django, Flask, etc…)

– GUI Development (Tkinter, PyQt)

– Scientific and Numeric (Scipy is a collection of packages for maths, science, and Engineering; Pandas is a data analysis and modeling library)

– Software Development

– System Administration (Ansible, OpenStack)


– No prior experience in Python

– Experience in basic programming knowledge added advantage

– Laptop/Desktop access for hands-on exercises.

– Install python3 Software.

Course Completion:

– Each topic is covered with hands-on sessions, and examples.

– Every student will be certified with the completion of the Python Course from EtechFactory.


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Course Batches

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Python and Installation
Python Overview 00:00:00
Sublime Text Installation 00:00:00
IDE introduction 00:00:00
Introduction to Python Basics and Simple
Variables 00:00:00
Float 00:00:00
Strings 00:00:00
Numbers 00:00:00
Assignment – 1 1 week, 3 days
Logical Operators 00:00:00
Inbuilt Keywords 00:00:00
Inbuilt Funtions 00:00:00
Loop Controls and Decision Making
If, if-else construct 00:00:00
For loop 00:00:00
While loop 00:00:00
Python Data structures
List 00:00:00
Tuple 00:00:00
Dictionary 00:00:00
Set 00:00:00
Smart way of working with List
List Comprehension 00:00:00
Introduction to Function
Function definition 00:00:00
keyword arguments , *args, **kwargs 00:00:00
Anonymous Functions 00:00:00
Lambda 00:00:00
Map 00:00:00
Filter 00:00:00
File Handling in Python
How to create files 00:00:00
How to read files in python 00:00:00
Functions available for file reading and writing 00:00:00
Modules Introduction
What is module ? 00:00:00
How to create a module 00:00:00
Introduction to inbuilt modules 00:00:00
Os module 00:00:00
Time module 00:00:00
Sys module 00:00:00
Logging module 00:00:00
OOPS concepts in python
Abstraction 00:00:00
Encapsulation 00:00:00
Polymorphism 00:00:00
Inheritance 00:00:00
Class and Objects
How to create class 00:00:00
Difference between class and object 00:00:00
Introduction to self-variable 00:00:00
Class methods and Static Methods 00:00:00
Exception Handling
Try block 00:00:00
Except block 00:00:00
Finally 00:00:00
Raise keyword 00:00:00
Writing user defined exceptions 00:00:00
Advanced string formatting
Old way of printing strings 00:00:00
f-strings 00:00:00
Introduction to yield keyword 00:00:00
How to create generator function 00:00:00
Why generators are used 00:00:00
Introduction to closures 00:00:00
What is decorator ? 00:00:00
How to create decorators ? 00:00:00
Application of decorators 00:00:00
Named Tuple
Introduction to Named Tuple 00:00:00
Magic/Dunder Methods
Special Methods in python 00:00:00
Application of special methods 00:00:00
What are packages ? 00:00:00
How to create packages ? 00:00:00
Context managers
Introduction to with keyword 00:00:00
Regular Expression (RE)
RE basics 00:00:00
RE special character meanings 00:00:00
Introduction to re module 00:00:00
How to use re module to extract strings ? 00:00:00
Sample Projects
Hands on Session on Projects 00:00:00
Q & A session 00:00:00
Guess the Number 00:00
Backup of files 00:00

Course Reviews


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  1. 5

    This crashcourse helped me to gain more knowledge on Python concepts. I liked the concept of this workshop. very neatly arranged, super virtual classroom, great trainer. I hope the learnings will help me to explore more on ML.

  2. Nice Training


    Overall it was a good crash course training on Python

  3. Informative Python sessions


    – very interactive session
    – trainer is very good
    – good real time examples
    – great learning

  4. Good Training for beginners


    The training was very good and all the doubts were cleared quickly. Nice co-ordination. Liked the concepts explained.

  5. Interactive Training session


    Nice session to know the basics of Python. Classes were neatly organised and best online workshop.

  6. Best Python Workshop


    This training helped me as a college student to get more knowledge on Python basics, lambda functions, Regular expression etc. Topics covered in course gives you a better idea on programming skills.

  7. Organised Training details


    This is my first online training. It was well presented. Trainer is very good with real time examples and in explaining the concepts.

  8. Very good startup course for Python Basics


    Training is well organized to suite both students and professionals.
    Trainer has very good knowledge on Python programming.
    Trainer is flexible and ready to give his extra inputs and guidance on need basis.
    After completion of this course anybody can choose their carrier in Python and plan for advance topics like Data Science, ML and AI or web development depends on their area of interest.

    Suggestion to Students: attend classes regularly and practice everyday. Any programming if you do not practice you will forgot it.

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